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I make hand-made items, in various categories. From dinosaurs themed items, to kitchen items, to apparel. I make and custom laser engrave most items as well. I’m a skilled craftsman/maker and a graphic design artist as well.

I do a LOT of custom work. My friends and family are constantly coming at me with things they’d like made. I actually enjoy the change from my routine. My creative process is that I’ll mock-up a graphic, submit it for your approval. Then do a test piece, submit a picture for your approval, then complete the order and ship it.

If you see something in my shop, but it’s not quite what you want or you would like something similar to it, please inquire! I’m probably already working on or have done something similar in the past. This is particularly true of my 3d dinosaur puzzles. I’ve got several in the works, and I’m probably already working on the one you are looking for. So I’m happy to move it to the top of the priority list if you’d like to place an order. Suggestions are always welcome as well.

The post office is walking distance from my shop (and home), so that’s always a nice thing! I tend to just walk over and drop off orders at the end of every day.