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Wine Bottle Wine Glass

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I know that I have been terribly remiss in updating this website with all my latest works.  Honestly I have a minimum of two new creations every week, so it’s a bit of a time consumption to take pictures and post them.  But I will make a better effort in the future.

Ok, so I was approached by a wine maker to create wine glasses from wine bottles.  Now mind you I initially thought tumblers.  But I did my usual background check (google images) and saw someone had come up with the idea of cutting the top off of a wine bottle, inverting it and turning it into a wine glass.  So I thought *brilliant*!  I can so do that.  So it turns out that cutting a wine bottle and getting it to break on the score line is a *LOT* more difficult to achieve than it sounds.  So 15 bottles later… then you have a sharp edge, which isn’t lip friendly.  So then you either have to sand the edge smooth, or flame polish them.  So given the choice I went with playing with fire.  So I tried to melt the lip with a propane torch and it wasn’t enough.  Plus you have to rotate the bottle and bottle top while doing so.

Which is perfect because I freakin’ love to make jigs.  Sometimes I take on a new project simply because I want to make the jig to do the job.  So I made one.  And I totally over did the jig, but it works great.  I then upgraded my flame from propane to Oxy-Acetylene, which worked fabulously.  So now I got the lip of the glass flame polished.  Now I need a base.  So to prove that this whole crazy scheme would work I designed a base to be 3d printed and I did so.  But (and I’m not exaggerating here) the minute I pulled it off of the 3d printer, one of my muses (Dylan) in the shop said “you should turn the base out of an exotic hardwood”.  I looked at him with that quizzical look I get when I know a freekin’ brilliant idea when I hear one.  So I pointed at him accusatorialy and proclaimed “*BRILLIANT*”!  I also happened to have some bubinga disks from a memorial cross project that I did.

I turned the base to include a dowel in it, then drilled a hole in the cork to fit the dowel.  Put it all together and what to do you get… I wine glass made from a wine bottle.  Terribly apropos don’t you think?

So here we are.  This is the one that I made for my mother and father for Mothers Day and Fathers Day.