Custom Wood or Acrylic Puzzles

//Custom Wood or Acrylic Puzzles

Yet another product that I’m developing for the Christmas gift giving season is custom photo puzzles.  I’m intending for them to be made out of wood or Acrylic.  With wood I’m thinking of using MDF (medium density fiberboard), because it doesn’t have a grain and it etches so beautifully.  I also thought of doing these in clear acrylic!  So imagine clear acrylic plastic with a white ghost image in it.  Now break that up into puzzle pieces and you get what I’m going after.  It will be darn impressive.

So first I take the customers image, then I remove the color from it, then make a puzzle out of it.  Simple.

I’ve already tested the idea in the shop with a few people and I think I might have pre-orders on this one!

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