Zeppelin/Airship 3d puzzle

//Zeppelin/Airship 3d puzzle

I’m working on another 3d puzzle model.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do a zeppelin model.  And I finally got fixated on it enough to get it started.  It’s going to be a 3 dimensional puzzle model similar to the one pictured above.  But mine is made out of baltic birch plywood (for strength in all directions).  Plus I’m making mine to be a scale model of the Hindenburg zeppelin airship.  I spent a lot of time making sure that it is as accurate as possible, but I did have to take some minor artistic license on it!  My current model is about 23 inches (58cm) in length.  It will be available soon in our etsy store.

Now I know there are a lot of airship enthusiasts out there.  So I’M SIMPLY DYING to have someone commission a scale model of ANY other airships.  Like the R-1c Shenandoah, the Los Angeles, the Akron, or the Macon!

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