Laser cut wine glass box

//Laser cut wine glass box

I recently completed a laser cut wine glass box for my fathers 70th birthday.  And I completely forgot to get pictures of it.  But Mom is sending them as soon as she has a moment.  So basically I took the idea of a slotted laser cut wood box (like the photo above) and adapted it with built in hinges to open up and display 4 custom engraved wine glasses.  As soon as I have time I’ll be adapting the design and posting the boxes for sale on etsy.  You’ll be able to get whatever you want engraved on them so they make for superior gifts for any time of year!

I debuted the prototype at my Fathers’ 70th birthday party as a custom made gift for him.  I included 4 custom laser etched wine glasses with his vineyard logo on them.  I’ve already got pre-orders for the next batch!

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