Custom Laser Cut Hardwood Dominoes.

//Custom Laser Cut Hardwood Dominoes.

So one of my many products that I’m gearing up for the Christmas gift giving season is custom laser cut wooden dominoes.   The picture above is from the web, I haven’t gotten around to making a whole set yet for product pictures.  I’m going to be making them out of hardwoods such as walnut and maple.  The cool thing is that you can make the dots on the dominoes anything you want.  So my initial production models will be geared toward the comicon sci-fi crowd, because who doesn’t want Darth Vader helmet dots on their dominoes??

I’ve already done a test on maple and they have this amazingly beautiful solid clink to them as you set them on the table!  I could sit there and do that all freakin’ day long!

It’s going to come in a nice custom made wooden box which you can custom engrave anything you want on.  So I’m officially taking commissions for the first ones.  Be the first to order a set!

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